Mei Zen Equation For Your Skin and Lifestyle

Posted by Mei Zen Skin Care on Jun 6th 2018

'Seeing the results I've had after using the Mei Zen Skin Care line, I'm all in and will no longer use anything else.'*"I love it!  It's the perfect balance of hydrating but light on the skin.&nb … read more

Facing "The Changes"

Posted by Mei Zen Skin Care on Sep 5th 2017

      "Times they are a changin" - Bob DylanAs the world changes around us and the season starts to change, it brings to mind another type of change. Or, shall we say “The Changes”. Y … read more

Stress and Your Skin

Posted by Mei Zen Skin Care on Aug 5th 2017

Stress is a part of everyday life. We know stress can cause restlessness, fatigue, and increased irritability but how does stress affect our skin? First and foremost, it's best to try and manage stre … read more