Men Zen

Hello handsome! We know that men have skin too.

Why are men adopting new skincare routines? And why should they? 

Mainly: more oil, more problems

Men have more active sebaceous glands and as a result produce more oil because of testosterone. And more oil in more and larger pores increases the chance that those pores can get blocked, which leads to worse acne.

Another issue unique to men is the fact that many of them shave all or some of their faces. This can cause micro-tears in the skin, which can lead to infection and may cause ingrown hairs. And, shaving disrupts the skin’s natural barrier, which makes men's skin more sensitive to irritation. Use our Men Zen Razor Burn Eliminator and a moisturizer after shaving will help restore those barriers and promote healing.

Beards are good ... . and beards are bad. Beard hair is very dense and that reduces access to the skin beneath the beard. So some men with beards develop flaking and itching in their beards - and even dandruff. Here's your solution!

According to the CDC, men are about 40% more likely than women to develop skin cancer. Depending on the occupation, many male-oriented jobs have men out in the sun, from landscaping and farming to construction and transportation, and this added exposure puts men at added risk. The most common area that men develop melanoma, the deadliest of the three forms of skin cancer, is on the back. So, men need sunscreen too!



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