HEAD TO TOE BENEFITS! Acne cleansing oil, dandruff, moisturize your body, Gua Sha your belly fat. Chen Pi Body Oil.

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Product Overview

Our Chen Pi Body Oil is multifunctional - use for moisturizing, clearing up acne, pain relief, belly Gua Sha, treating dandruff.
Our line uses the best of Chinese medicine and Korean beauty secrets and natural ingredients to create skin care products and routines to help you achieve beautiful, hydrated, youthful skin.
How does this oil benefit you?
- helps treat belly fat and cellulite when used with a Gua Sha tool
- it nourishes skin
- its antimicrobial oils help reduce acne breakouts
- it can be a deep pore cleanser!
- treats your scalp to minimize flaking and dandruff 
- relieves pain when massaged in - or receive Gua Sha from your acupuncturist
Hazelnut oil - safe for sensitive skin, cleanse and shrink pores, remove bacteria (ACNE), ****reduces an enzyme that destroys collagen, helps protect against sun damage by neutralizing free radicals and protecting cell membranes, reduces hyperpigmentation
Cinnamon bark oil - ACNE, enhances circulation so nourishes the skin
Carrot seed oil - antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory (ACNE)
Geranium - antimicrobial so helps prevent and treat ACNE, allows skin tissues to tighten and contract (look younger), removes dead skin cells so brightens skin
Pink grapefruit - clean and clear skin of blemishes, dark spots, and ACNE. Contains vitamin C, clinically proven to improve skin.
Lemon - treats ACNE
Cypress leaf - antibacterial so treats many skin conditions like ACNE, deep pore cleanser
Rosemary - helps decongest ACNE and oily skin, lightens dark spots, reduces swelling and puffiness 
Dandruff - antibacterial and anti fungal attacks the bacteria or fungus that can cause dandruff. Add a few drops to your shampoo or apply directly to your scalp
What do customers say? "Ameizen'g!!!!!"
We support the community by donating a part of our income to a local food bank and the Cat Care Society.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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