Relieve pain and stiffness; use this Chen Pi body oil with cupping and gua sha

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My Zen Skin Care - Skin care that actually improves your skin!
Our skin is our largest organ and receives about a third of all of the blood circulated in the body. It’s active! Brushing or vigorous rubbing stimulates the skin and helps keep pores open so that we can perspire easily (and that’s partly how wastes leave our body).
Where does it fit in your skin care routine order? Use for pain relief.
Our Chen Pi Body Oil is designed to improve those functions when applied to the skin with vigorous rubbing.
It can also be used in conjunction with the Chinese therapy called gua sha for treatment of cellulite.
A healing treatment that is formulated for daily use. The oils are luxurious and rich. We use nature based plant oils that have antioxidants, lipids, polyphenols, and receivable vitamins and minerals for your skin. 
Our line uses the best of Chinese medicine and Korean beauty secrets and natural ingredients to create skin care products and routines to help you achieve beautiful, hydrated, youthful skin.
What it does/BENEFITS:
+ improve your skin’s overall health and balance fat distribution.
+ helps detox and relieve bloating (rosemary essential oil)
+ helps keep the skin firm and smooth (the vitamin E in grapeseed oil)
+removes stagnation while cypress also helps remove fat via urination and it’s good for the liver (Citrus peel/chen pi). *Dr. Lucas uses this oil locally over the liver area with a warm cloth to help detox the liver after events like chemotherapy. 
+ reduces appearance of scars (hazelnut oil)
+ enhances circulation thereby alleviating aches and pain and relieving muscle stiffness (cinnamon bark essential oil)
+ relieves pain and inflammation (lemon essential oil)
+ anti-inflammatory - for VARICOSE VEINS (cypress leaf essential oil)
 + relieves pain 30% reduction in pain when used daily, increase circulation (expands blood vessels results seen in studio of Raynaud’s disease), reduce joint inflammation, swelling, pain, and stiffness 50% decrease in inflammation in RA patients (rosemary essential oil)
Chen Pi citrus peel is an analgesic 
Shake before using.
Put a small amount on the area to be massaged and vigorously massage the area to move stagnation. (Note: in Chinese medicine, fat is considered to be stagnation so moving it by vigorous massage may metabolize it faster.)
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What do customers say? "I can't run out of this oil!! The best. Leaves your skin moisture, soft and free of wrinkles. Thank you!!!" 
*We never test on animals! Our products are bunny safe.
My Zen Skin Care is focused on keeping your skin naturally healthy as you move through your lifespan using natural ethically sourced cruelty free ingredients with antioxidant and skin energizing properties.
My Zen Skin Care formulas are a culmination of knowledge and experience. And we know that active botanical ingredients are the most direct way to deliver the best ingredients to your skin. 
We are happy to answer your questions like:
Are skin care products necessary?
Are skin care products safe?
Are skin care products worth it?
Are skin care products considered cosmetics?
Do skin care products expire?
Can skin care products help acne?
How does skin care work?
Just email us at
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
Endangered plants or minerals
We love our community so donate a part of our income to a local food bank and the Cat Care Society.
Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac., Psychologist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine is the originator of My Zen Skin Care and one of the experts who can curate a skin care routine especially for you!
She has been called "the best Chinese medicine practitioner/Acupuncturist in Denver" and "the best Cosmetic Acupuncturist AND TEACHER OF COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE out there!” and at her clinics in Denver and Littleton CO also offers
Cosmetic Acupuncture,
Facial Gua Sha Moisture Bomb Therapy
microneedling for hair loss,
microneedling for your face,
microneedling for your neck,
microneedling for your eyebrows,
microneedling for your hands
spider vein therapy
B12 injections
homeopathic injections 


Vitas Vinifera Seed/Grapeseed oil, Corylus Avellana Seed/Hazelnut oil, Daucus Carota Sativa Seed/Carrot Seed oil, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark essential oil, Pelargonium Craveolens Flower/Geranium essential oil, Citrus Paradisi/Pink Grapefruit essential oil, Citrus Sinensis Peel essential oil, Citrus Sinensis Peel, Cupressus Sempervirens/Cypress Leaf/Nut/Stem essential oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis/Rosemary essential oil

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    Chen Pi Body Oil

    Posted by Lilian Grieco on Dec 4th 2023

    I can't run out of this oil!! The best. Leave your skin moisture, soft and free of wrinkles. Thank you!!!

  • 5

    Posted by S. Alden on Jul 19th 2019

    This body oil is truly a miracle oil in a bottle! I have had 3 children and nothing I've tried would work to flatten my belly. I started using this oil 2x a day in the morning and then again before bed and I cannot believe the fantastic results. If you are disciplined with the oil and massage, you should see some big changes. I do eat a healthy diet, and try to avoid starch and cow dairy. In addition, I do a little exercise for the tummy daily. In the past I did all those things but no change until I began using this oil. I'm a believer!

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