CALM Essential Oil FOOT/BATH SOAK for these trying times. Anyone in your family can use it!

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Product Overview

We are being asked to change our lives dramatically due to no fault of our own. This can bring up old feelings of being out of control especially if we have any experience with an alcoholic parent, for example. This blend will help you destress and support your mood and immunity during these unpredictable times.
It's a thoughtfully crafted blend of cedar (deals with persistent external forces), sweet orange (optimism), clary sage (see both sides of things), neroli and lemon (antibacterial) -- this is a full strength blend! Don't use neat/right on the skin. IT'S MADE FOR USING 5-7 DROPS IN FOOT SOAK OR BATH.
*The label will say UNIQUE as this is one of our specialty, limited edition blends that we make for unique situations or people's needs.
We know that lowering stress helps with all manner of internal medicine and emotional needs; it even helps treat acne - even the stress or "mask acne" that people (yes, teens) are having right now. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review