DON'T feel the burn ...... razor burn that is

Posted by Martha Lucas PH.D., L.Ac. on May 31st 2023

DON'T feel the burn ...... razor burn that is

How can you NOT feel the burn? Use our Men Zen Razor Burn Eliminator. You can eliminate razor burn or rash and alleviate shaving woes. This high-potency formula helps prevent razor burn while it softens skin and diminishes discoloration.

Women use the Men Zen Razor Burn Eliminator too for legs and bikini area, even for under the arms! It's gender-neutral - like all of our skincare (because everyone has skin ?.)

Do you know how your husband/partner, brother, or maybe even your teenage son uses your skin care products? Now the tables have turned and YOU can use THEIR products. Some of us (yes, My Zen Skin Care staffers) spritz the Razor Burn Eliminator on our legs etc. before AND after shaving to reduce those red bumps that can happen sometimes.

What are Razor Burn Eliminator's other benefits?

  • Helps prevent ingrown hairs that can happen from shaving
  • Helps calm & heal skin
  • Combats inflammation (great as a soak for acne, psoriasis, and eczema)
  • Generally rejuvenates your skin after shaving

And don't forget, our products are formulated WITHOUT parabens, phthalates, endangered plants or minerals, and gluten. They are people tested so are bunny safe.

When you purchase My Zen and Men Zen Skin Care products, you not only help yourself, and your skin, but you also help others because we donate to the Cat Care Society and a local food bank.

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