Scar Therapy: Frankincense Scar Therapy Oil

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Product Overview

Essential oil blends can be used to reduce existing scars and stretch marks. 
Our line uses the best of Chinese medicine and Korean beauty secrets and natural ingredients to create skin care products and routines to help you achieve beautiful, hydrated, youthful skin.
Improves appearance of scars and stretch marks.
Packed with powerful natural oils:
FRANKINCENSE rejuvenates damaged skin to reduce the appearance of scars
ROSEHIP treats scars, acne, and improves condition of skin. 
YLANG YLANG has moisturizing properties, making it a key ingredient in many luxury skin and hair products. We put it in our My Zen Skin Care Frankincense Scar Therapy Oil because Ylang Ylang is classified as a heart note, calming, mood lifting - its constituents literally soothe the Spirit/Soul. So it helps relieve the emotions that may be associated with the scarring.
HELICHRYSUM heals skin. Helichrysum essential oil contains an anti-inflammatory substance called arzanol, which plays a part in healing wounds and treating scars. 
Research based: researchers found that rosehip seed oil improved the appearance of post-surgical scars. Used twice daily for 12 weeks the scars had less discoloration, atrophy, and redness. We blend other powerful scar treating oils along with rosehip seed oil.
We recommend daily application (2-3 times/day) of the blend over a period of several weeks. 
Ingredients: Organic Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Organic Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Vitamin E, Amelia Oleifera Seed Oil, Helichrysum Angustifolium  Flower Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.
We support the community by donating a part of our income to a local food bank and the Cat Care Society.


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