Antioxidant Stem Cell Therapy Kit: Boost Collagen, Minimize Wrinkles, Improve Skin Texture

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Product Overview

Enjoy the power of stem cell therapy with this kit of products.

Stem cells naturally have antioxidant properties and they nourish skin cells which promotes cell turnover and increases collagen production. This could result in fewer lines and wrinkles, improved skin texture and tone, and younger, better-looking skin.

This kit:

Reduces dark circles.

Reduces puffiness under the eyes.

Hydrates the delicate skin around your eyes.

Helps prevent future wrinkling.

Reduces age spots and hyperpigmentation.

Stimulates skin cells to produce collagen to prevent lines and wrinkles.

Promotes cellular repair and hydration to minimize lines and wrinkles, and

Protects skin from pollution and outside elements.


Luminescent Pearl Cream - helps preserve normal and youthful skin by protecting it from free radical damage, helping it to maintain its natural moisture, and giving it additional hydration. A non-greasy, extract-rich cream, it also helps prevent wrinkles and lighten hyperpigmentation.

Wakame Stem Cell Eye Cream - treats dark circles and puffiness (bags) under your eyes.

Stem Cell Lip Therapy - tackles fine lines around the lips. The stem cells help to improve collagen and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Our other ingredients smooth the skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of harsh wrinkles.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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